Many of you have been asking for this feature for a while and we are happy to say that Players\Parents now have the ability to add their anticipated Attendance for each Game and Practice.

Players\Parents will now have a new tab on their Profile Page
called “My Attendance”.  On that page it will list every Game and Practice for the teams they belong to.

They can easily indicatetheir anticipated attendance by clicking the “checkmark” for
yes, “X” for no, or “?” for unknown. There is also an additional option that Leagues can turn on via “Control Panel – Division Setup” or individual Coaches can turn on via “Control Panel – Team Setup” where the system will automatically send an Attendance reminder email with a clickable link embedded.  This email will ask the Player\Parent to indicate if they are coming to the Game or not.  By clicking the link in the email, the result is recorded.  If enabled, these emails will be send 7 days, 3 days and 24 hours before each event.

The email does no longer is sent if the Player\Parent indicated
their Attendance. Again, this feature can be found in “Division Setup” and “Team Setup” as a YES\NO option of “Send Email Attendance Reminders to Players”.

Coaches can also now easily see WHO is attending and not attending each Game and Practice.  They can see this information through the Admin site in “Schedule & Game Manager – Player Attendance.”  This will give them a list of each Game and Practice and display a list of all Players and their current Attendace.

It also gives totals and even breaks them down by Gender which is helpful for the Co-Ed Leagues.

Coaches will also get an Email 24 hours before each Game that gives them a quick summary of how many Players are Attending and Not Attending.  As well, all Coaches will also get any update emails if any Players CHANGE their availability within 24 hours of a Game or Practice.

This feature was designed to be simple, yet should be a powerful feature in helping to prevent game “defaults” because of Player shortages.

Don’t hesitate to email if you have
any questions about this new feature.

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