LeagueToolbox Press Release

An Arizona company is changing the way sports leagues are managed all around North America, saving leagues time and frustration while delivering a better experience for their members.

“LeagueToolbox is truly eliminating a significant amount of the time it takes to administer a league or organization. We recognize that most amateur leagues are run by volunteers in the US and Canada and that volunteer burnout was one of the largest concerns for leagues,” said Chad Theriault of LeagueToolbox. “This league solution software was built to take league management and administration to an entirely new level. No more paper work, frustration or lost documents. LeagueToolbox looks after all league duties from the time league registration starts right up to the end of the season awards ceremony.”

There are so many attractive solutions this company offers. So much so that software might be the wrong word to use. In actuality there is no software for you to install, no learning curve, no downloads, no cd in the mail and no need for a Just For Dummies new edition. LeagueToolbox is the most user-friendly tool that has come along in some time.

“We create your league website for you, you simply have a username and password provided to you for log in purposes. Our interface allows you to create your website as you wish,” Theriault added. “We have templates that are in place but they are customizable. Upload your own images, announcements you name it.” Quick demo videos located http://www.LeagueToolbox.com show just how easy this program is to use.

LeagueToolbox solutions cover league topics that include:

1. Online and Offline Registration
2. Full Auto and Manual Scheduling
3. Auto Updating League and Team Websites
4. Player Drafts & Document Tracking
5. Tools for Parents (youth leagues), players (youth and adult leagues)

They also have some exciting applications coming in the New Year that will take communication within the league to amazing new heights on your Android or iPhone.

They just released a free PDF document that you can present to fellow boardmembers showing them what LeagueToolbox is all about. Here is a link to it so you can take it to your next meeting. http://www.leaguetoolbox.com/ board_document_press.php

One really can’t appreciate just how much this solution does and that’s why LeagueToolbox created a free 30 day trial with their software. They want people to truly understand what LeagueToolbox can do for them. Users can sign up for the trial anywhere on the site with absolutely no strings attached. Oh, and by the way, they get immediate access to their support team during the free trial.

LeagueToolbox is definitely worth checking out if you want to improve the leagues efficiency, cut costs and offer an amazing online entity to all league
participants be it players, parents officials or anyone else.


Many of you have been asking for this feature for a while and we are happy to say that Players\Parents now have the ability to add their anticipated Attendance for each Game and Practice.

Players\Parents will now have a new tab on their Profile Page
called “My Attendance”.  On that page it will list every Game and Practice for the teams they belong to.

They can easily indicatetheir anticipated attendance by clicking the “checkmark” for
yes, “X” for no, or “?” for unknown. There is also an additional option that Leagues can turn on via “Control Panel – Division Setup” or individual Coaches can turn on via “Control Panel – Team Setup” where the system will automatically send an Attendance reminder email with a clickable link embedded.  This email will ask the Player\Parent to indicate if they are coming to the Game or not.  By clicking the link in the email, the result is recorded.  If enabled, these emails will be send 7 days, 3 days and 24 hours before each event.

The email does no longer is sent if the Player\Parent indicated
their Attendance. Again, this feature can be found in “Division Setup” and “Team Setup” as a YES\NO option of “Send Email Attendance Reminders to Players”.

Coaches can also now easily see WHO is attending and not attending each Game and Practice.  They can see this information through the Admin site in “Schedule & Game Manager – Player Attendance.”  This will give them a list of each Game and Practice and display a list of all Players and their current Attendace.

It also gives totals and even breaks them down by Gender which is helpful for the Co-Ed Leagues.

Coaches will also get an Email 24 hours before each Game that gives them a quick summary of how many Players are Attending and Not Attending.  As well, all Coaches will also get any update emails if any Players CHANGE their availability within 24 hours of a Game or Practice.

This feature was designed to be simple, yet should be a powerful feature in helping to prevent game “defaults” because of Player shortages.

Don’t hesitate to email support@leaguetoolbox.com if you have
any questions about this new feature.

League Registration Made Easy

Every league is a little bit different. You might do registration by team, by player or maybe both – no problem!  You have specific or custom information that you need to collect during registration – no problem!  The LeagueToolbox Registration System has been designed to work with you.  Custom questions, reports, split payments, online & offline payments, as well as many other features are all easily configurable to ensure that we can handle any type of registration model.

LeagueToolbox Registration Feature Checklist

Parents can Register and Pay for their Children Online
Players can Register and Pay Online
Coach Applications and Online Registration
Official Applications and Online Registration
Teams can Register and pay online and setup Team Members during or after Registration
Unlimited Custom Questions such as Uniform Sizes, Waivers etc can be asked during Registration
Discount Early Registration Fees
Additional Late Registration Fees
Multiple Player Discounts, Custom Discounts and Family Maximums
Integrated Document Tracking
Split Payments and Fee Schedules
Additional Fees for hats, banquet tickets, etc can be Optional Upsells during Registration
Customizable Player Ratings
Player Drafting including a Player Auto-Draft Tool
Player Imports from Excel Spreadsheet
Player Exports to Excel Spreadsheet
Complete and Accurate Fee Tracking
Various Registration Reports


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Although a complete redesign, backend technology and bug fixes were major accomplishments with the new app, there were absolutely some great additional features added as well…

- Full Team Email
- Full Team Texting
- Displaying Parent Contact Info on Rosters
- Game Score Entry
- Game Cancellation Notifications (display only)
- Google Map Integration
- Viewing of Personal Registrations
- Using Camera to Upload Required Documents
- Using Camera to Upload Game Photos
- Using Camera to Upload Player Pictures
- Player Attendance Tracking
- Login with Facebook\Twitter
- Update Personal Information

And… our newest feature of Admins being able to actually Close Fields and Cancel Individual Games from the app should be released at any moment.

This a major release for new features, but more importantly the backend work done with the app has set the groundwork for more efficient and quicker future updates.

Please note that the LeagueToolbox Game Day app can only be used with Leagues that use the LeagueToolbox League Management software.


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Tracking Documentation: The easy way.

Running an amateur sports league means dealing with a lot of documents, ranging from registration papers to birth certificates, medical waivers, proof of residency, and anything else of importance. Trying to manage all of these documents manually is an extremely tough challenge, especially when you need to acquire new documentation on a regular basis. This is one of several reasons why using league management software is a tempting option for those interested in easy document tracking.

No More Need to Spend Hours Searching and Organizing Documents

Utilizing software to manage your sports league allows you to do registration online, which also allows those interested in joining to input documentation on their own. It is ideal since you can input custom documents, documents of your own, but you do not have to take responsibility for getting papers from others and inserting them into your league management software. Since this software can send out reminders to parents and players to remind them about uploading required documentation, this tedious and time-consuming process is thus taken out of your hands completely.

As far as handling these documents, all you have to do is be able to use checkboxes to designate whether a specific document has been read and confirmed or not.

Knowing Your Documentation is Both Safe and Secure

When dealing with so many documents that contain confidential information, ensuring the safety and security of this information is and should be absolutely crucial. Fortunately, league management software takes many measures to ensure documents can only be uploaded and viewed on secure web pages. Our software is taken a step further by being hosted within a server that has a firewall and utilizes other technology to prevent unauthorized access from occurring.

Turning Documents into a Printable File with Ease

While it is nice to have your documentation online in a simple platform, you still need to be able to access this information with the ability to make prints when necessary. It is possible to view a document and then take all of the information or some of the information, turn it into a PDF (Portable Document Format) document, and then print it in a single click.

Using software for managing your sports league is extremely effective, especially when it comes to tracking documentation. If you want to use this software, please contact us for further information.

Start Your 2014 League Off By Taking Advantage Of All Our Tools!

Quick reminder:

New League and Team Templates

We worked hard to give the templates a new refreshed look yet not to overly disturb or drastically change what you and your members are used to seeing.  The sites are now “cleaner” and work nicer on tablets and phones.  The “left side” menu also looks nice and clean and is now compatible with tablets. (it wasn’t before.)




League & Team Stores

New LeagueToolbox Features 2014!

It’s finally here!  The LeagueToolbox team released the latest version of the new front end templates.  Not only is there a new refreshed but there are also many new features man of you have been asking for a long time.

Below is a list of some of the new features!

New League and Team Templates
We worked hard to give the templates a new refreshed look yet not to overly disturb or drastically change what you and your members are used to seeing.  The sites are now “cleaner” and work nicer on tablets and phones.  The “left side” menu also looks nice and clean and is now compatible with tablets. (it wasn’t before.)

A New Real ”Front Page Slideshow”
We constantly heard about how our slideshow was missing some basic features.  Things like being able to scroll through the images and thumbnails of the articles on the slideshow.  There are a few more options available for the slideshow as well.

Re-namable Registration Buttons
You can now rename the “Officials Registration”, “Coach Registration” and “Camps & Clinics” registration buttons to be whatever you like.  So if you only register umpires, you can rename the “Officials Registration” button to “Umpire Registration”.  This can be found under “Control Panel – League Setup”.

Added “More News” and “Latest Photo Gallery”
The League and Team sites now have a “More News” and “Latest Photo Gallery” section at the bottom of the main body.  These update dynamically so there is no additional work needed for you League Admins but gives the impression of more content to your site.

Schedules and Calendars
The League and Team Schedule pages were cleaned up and a full Calendar view was added to the league sites.  The Schedule “List View” is also nicely printable.  iCal downloads are now available for the entire division and leagues.

Results Pages
The League and Team Results pages were overhauled to be nicer looking and now included a more informative Game Summary page that can include box scores (baseball) and Team recap articles.

Standings Pages
The League and Team Standings pages were cleaned up and look unbelievable.  All column headers were given nice “mouseovers” so you get a long description of what each one means.

Statistics Pages
The Team Statistics pages now are more easily readable and all column headers were given nice “mouseovers” for long descriptions of what each particular stat means.  Each column is also sortable to get all of the statistic information you need.

Photo Albums

The League and Team photo albums went through one of the biggest transformations.  There are thumbnails for galleries and thumbnails for each image.  The slideshow is much quicker and now allows for users to download a particular picture to their computer.

4 Reasons to Start a LeageToolbox League Management Software 30 Day Trial

Even managing a small sports league can be a struggle if you do not have the right resources. Keeping track of players, team stats, and schedules can be difficult without the right league management software. Some people are reluctant to invest in any product without first knowing how it can benefit them. Because we understand this, LeagueToolbox offers a thirty day free trial. Even if you are unsure about whether you want to use our product, we encourage you to try our thirty day trial to test our software out for yourself.

Probably one of the best reasons to try the thirty day trial is that it is FREE. We are not one of those companies who ask for your credit card information right up front so the moment your free trial is over we can start charging you. Instead, you do not even need to provide any financial information to test out our software.

A second reason to try the trial version is the set-up is easy. We need information associated with your league including information about the sport as well as the general number of participants. We also need contact information for the person creating the account. That is really all the information we need. Creating your trial account will take you less than 60 seconds.

Even though set-up is quick, it is important to know the third reason to try our trial version is it offers you all of the same benefits as the regular version. The free trial is not just a limited example of what you will get once you purchase the full software. Instead, you get the full product, and when you choose to officially activate your account, your trial information will transfer over.

The fourth reason to begin a trial version is to save you money. Once you have started your trial version, if you activate your account and purchase the Plus membership within the thirty days, you will save yourself $100 on the annual fee!

If you would like to set-up your trial version of LeagueToolbox’s software, simply click the “Free Trial” link on the main website.

21st Century Sports Leagues

In a digital age the world of sports has always been cutting edge.  As the world spreads and people move around those folks have remained loyal to their hometown teams and so have turned to the web to keep up to date on the latest stats, schedules, and highlights. Now the ease that we have come to expect with professional sports is available for our local leagues.

Youth leagues, adult leagues and even multi-sport leagues can all be controlled through LeagueToolbox.  Everything you need is now at the fingertips of not only the league administrator, but much of the information is posted directly to the league website, where the parents and participants can instantly access desired information.

A parent on the run who forgets where the third game of the day is being played can check on their smartphone and instantly find out where they are headed.  Stats can be posted for bragging rights at that post game gathering.  Every piece of information a person needs to play in a league can be found on the custom league website.

Also, with one of the easiest communication platforms the league administrator can send out messages on all matters, from schedules, to rainouts, and even keep track of league fees.

If this had been around when we all were kids think about how easy it could have been to keep track of the myriad of sports I know I played.  Somehow my parents managed to keep track of not only the soccer I played year round in multiple leagues, as well as basketball and baseball. On top of that they had to put up with my sister playing basketball year round.  I think if all of those leagues had been able to use LeagueToolbox everything would have run a lot smoother for my family.

Things have changed over the years; this may be one of the better improvements in that time.  The options offered by LeagueToolbox are so broad they might just have thought of everything to streamline the sports administration.  Honestly, things look to be so simple now people should be lining up to run your local leagues.

League Management Software with Multiple League Management Ability

Multitasking league managers and sports enthusiasts should be rejoicing everywhere with the news that LeagueToolbox is now offering the ability to manage the registration and other activities of multiple leagues and sports from one master account with its Multisport Organization option.

“What our leagues will see is a main organization site that feeds into multiple sport sites, all while sharing a single user database. It is truly designed with multilevel needs in mind.” (Chris Christie, executive manager with LeagueToolbox)

League management software has been responsible for eliminating the tiresome and tedious responsibilities that come with being the manager of a sports league, whether its the fun and innocence of a little league organization or the seriousness and more organized look of a semi-pro association. The software has enabled league managers everywhere to register participants and maintain scheduling and team databases much more easily than in the past. Now, the truly dedicated league managers who take on the responsibilities of multiple sports and/or multiple leagues are being rewarded with an option that affords them the convenience of having one master account to keep track of it all.

The multisport option allows each league access to their own data without affecting any other league within the master account. Also, players that may share your multitasking tendencies and participate in multiple sports, can be easily identified at the organization level. It’s that easy. There are no conflicts, no overflow, no headaches basically. If you’re a multiple sport league manager, LeagueToolbox has the software to make your life easier.

“This took a lot of time on the back end but we are very excited about what this means to many of our multisport organizations already using LeagueToolbox and it opens a lot of doors to associations that manage many different sports and or leagues.” (Chad Theriault, President at LeagueToolbox)

Already an industry-leading provider and used by sports leagues everywhere, LeagueToolbox is also offering a 30 day free trial period for anyone who still may remain skeptical as to its value to their league or organization. So what are you waiting for now? Contact us at “LeagueToolbox” today for more information. We would love to hear from you!